Sunday, January 16, 2011

Battle Pork Leg

The local Italian grocer is offering whole pork leg for $0.89/lb. How could I resist the opportunity to de-bone a pork leg? The total weight from the store was 12 kg or 26.5 lb

I watched a few youtube vidoes on how to debone a pork leg to try to help. Of course it is always more difficult than it appears. Here are the links to the videos

How to debone a pork leg: Part 1

How to debone a pork leg: part 2

How to debone a pork leg: part 3

In the beginning there was this leg of pork:

and from the other side:
Ain't it a beauty!

I think I eventually won the battle. I got the bones out and most of the meat was intact!

And from the other side:

Now what do I do? I cut off what I think was the heel portion and ended up tying that into a roast. I ended up rolling the rest and tying it off so I could portion it into 3 roasts with the skin on - sweet.

The bones were roasted with 3 onions, 5 carrots, 4 celery stalks and a whole head of garlic. Then boiled with a tablespoon of rosemary and a dozen bay leaves. The pan was de-glazed with a cup of white wine and added to the stock pot with 4 litres of water. This stock will end up as one of the best pea soups you can imagine.

I still have some skin to deal with. I will cut some of it into strips and roast with the pork tonight.

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