Saturday, April 9, 2011

Classic Steak Dish - Steak Diane

Time to bust out and flambé something!

I am always looking to the classic dishes to test myself. I want to know that I can make the classics and then move on to my own variation of the dish. Here we are with Steak Diane. The recipe I used is based on recipe made bu Emeril Lagasse. You can find it on the Food Network web site here - Emeril's Steak Diane

I have used to thick pieces of beef tenderloin. I will leave them thick sear them and then let them continue to cook in the oven.

2 Beef Tenderloin Steaks - 8oz each
salt, pepper, granulated garlic to season the steak

Raw Steaks, seasoned

1 tbsp bacon fat
2 minced shallots (~3/4 cup)
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 cup mushrooms
1/2 cup water
1/3 cup brandy
1 tbsp dijon mustard
1/4 cup half & half
1/3 cup reduced beef stock
2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
few drops of hot sauce

Put a pan over medium head and let it get hot. Add the bacon fat and sear the steaks on all sides to develop a nice brown crust. Remove the steaks and keep in a warm oven.

Add the shallots and garlic to the pan and cook for about 30 seconds. add the mushrooms and continue cooking. Add the water to deglaze the pan. When most of the water has evaporated add the brandy and ignite.

It was quite spectacular. This is where you need an assistant to wave a towel at the smoke detector. The following shows the dish when most of the flame had burned out.

Add the mustard, cream and stock and mix thoroughly.  Add the Worcestershire and the hot sauce and stir to combine.

This where I made my mistake. I forgot to return the steaks to the pan so they could continue to cook a bit in the sauce. As it was, some might say the meat was raw and wriggling. I plated the steaks and spooned the sauce over the steaks.

Here it is served with pan roasted potatoes and broccoli tenders.

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